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Sad| See What a Young Girl did To Her Baby As She Wanted to Go Out With her Friends.


One of the most dominating people that our country is dealing with is teenage pregnancy. The problem with teenage pregnancies is that most teenagers are still influenced by peer pressure, they still have so much life to live out there with their peers, and a baby tends to be a hindering block to their freedom. There have been so many cases of teen moms who abandoned their babies after giving birth. This is mostly because most teenagers are not physically and emotionally ready to be parents. That is why our government is trying so hard to combat teenage pregnancy.



There has been a disturbing photo of a young lady who seems to be in her teens doing the most unexpected. According to the comments trend, the lady was going out to celebrate her birthday with her friends, but the baby kept on crying. As she had already made plans with her friends, she decided to put the baby in the bag with alcohol. See the photo below:



This is sad. After seeing the photo, many people argue that she must be reported to the child carer for this. Some even went on to say she might be using the baby’s grant to buy alcohol that is next to her. This is exactly the reason the government is trying to put a stop to teenage pregnancy. It is not easy to take care of a baby at a young age, especially in our generation. See some comments from the enraged social media users below:





There are possibilities that she might be using her child’s grant to buy alcohol. To put a stop to this, the government must cancel child grants for babies whose mothers are under the age of 22, because in some instances, child grant money motivates teenagers to carry on making babies. Another method that the government can use to reduce such expenditures is to replace child grant money with a voucher that can only be used to purchase baby products.What are your thoughts on this? Please leave your comments below.

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