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Pregnancy period

The African way of preventing pregnancy or having a child- Twitter Debates

Apparently there are African ways Women can do to prevent pregnancy without using the western way or going to hospitals to prevent with pills or other methods of preventing pregnancy

According to a Twitter user @ LeefoMally

She posted “I saw a post on Facebook that said “if you aren’t ready to have kids, you put your period blood in a bottle, dig a hole and bury it in there and you won’t have kids. When you are ready to have kids, you go back and take that bottle out” and she asked How true is this?

apparently this is true and this is considered witchcraft as some people perform this as rituals in-order to prevent those they despise from having children and getting pregnant or causing miscarriages.

This tweet caused a rant on tweeter and tweeps shared their knowledge on this topic

do You believe in this? Share your thoughts on the comments section below


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African LeefoMally


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