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She asked her children to pa ck her lunchbox, they packed this instead of a juice

The mother asked her kids to pack her lunch in her bag because she was running late for work. What she saw during her lunch break suprised her. Her kids packed a can of alcohol instead of a juice, maybe they thought that that was 6juice because of the labeling on the can (brutal fruit). 

We now that not all industry can allow alcohol at work. No matter what job you have, chances are your boss  won't love that you drink during workday, you can still get fired for drinking alcohol at lunch.


Tweeps couldn't stop laughing at her and told her that maybe her kids thought that this was her favourite drink, that's the reason they packed it, that's what happens when you drink in front of kids all the time, they realise how happy their mother is after drinking alcohol and maybe they wanted her to be happy at work. The mother said that they did it on purpose as we know that kids can be naughty sometimes.


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