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Parenting isn't easy but you can make it work even if you are a single father (opinion)

Some women out there are not cosy at all leaving men with their children for a lot might go totally wrong during their absence. Others have witnessed horrible incidents after leaving their babies with other men, be it their kid's biological fathers or uncles. It is so atrocious to report to you that other men have the nerve to rape kids who are even less than a year old and kill them after, for others they see an opportunity to make money by selling them to scavengers called witch doctors who inturn mutilate them and use their body parts to make muthi.

Even when it comes to baby sitting (parenting), leaving your baby daddy with his kid can sometimes spell trouble from afar. Don't get me wrong though, men can definitely babysit. However, there is a lot of stigma in child care. It can be more challenging for male caregivers to find work as a babysitter. However, it is definitely possible, and usually, when the babysitter has a number of positive reviews, finding work isn't a problem.

Women have put an unrealistic expectation on themselves to be some sort of supermom, leaving dad in their shadows. Co-parenting doesn’t always mean 50-50, but it does mean dad is part of the equation too

What about leaving a dad with his kid on their own ? ...Well the time fathers spends with their kids, filling plates or wiping butts, playing legos and pretending the floor is lava, or making them sit in the corner to think about why they should not lick strangers, is actually, is in fact, called parenting.

Fathers sometimes get undue praise for doing what mothers are expected to do. Others are just so splendid at parenting like the guy below. His wife left him with his kid and they were doing quite well. The baby didn't bother him at all. As you can see they are having a very good time together.

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