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Pregnancy period

Look who is the father of Pretty's unborn baby

Mantuli has recently had to adjust to lining in a weelchair as she recently got shot by Meiki and almost lost her life. After undergoing all that battles, her life seems to be going back to normal. Her brother had to take her back to the rural areas in order for her to recover peacefully. Mantuli had to stay in the rural areas for a longtime in order not go be fearful that Meiki would come back and attack her again.

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Meiki Maputla is unpredictable and henceforth, Mantuli had to live with looking behind her back which she could not survive considering she was recovering from a huge blow. Mantuli was able to recover well as she was back home without being stressed. She got shocked to learn that she could stand on her own again and got back to her previous life.

On other news, Kwaito and John seem to be on the same page to ryy and work out a relationship. However, Pretty's pregnancy will be a shock in Mantuli's house and will cause unhappiness.

The fact that Lehasa is the fatherr will make matters worse. Her attempt to get an abortion will fail and her family will find out. This will shutter Mantuli as Oretty is only 21 years old and is pregnant with an older man's child. She will need to put her studies on hold and be a parent. Mantuli will explode and confront Lehasa. Will Lehasa take responsibility?


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