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If Girls Have Periods What Do Boys Have? Find out now

Even though boys do not have periods, they may exhibit psychological symptoms of menstruation, such as mood swings. Every healthy woman has periods of menstruation during their reproductive years. You will prepare yourself for such events when your daughter reaches puberty, but should you prepare yourself for similar events with your son? Do boys have periods too?

Adolescent boys and mood swings

Premenstrual syndrome (PMS) is a phase girls go through before menstruation. This is a period of heavy emotional turmoil during which women experience feelings of lethargy, sadness, and frustration as a result of estrogen release. It is interesting to note that testosterone also has similar effects on adolescent boys' behavior, such as clumsiness and moodiness.

There is a condition called irritable male syndrome (IMS), which is somewhat similar to PMS, but only occurs in mature adult males who have a cyclical decline in testosterone. The upheaval of emotions often resembles the mood swings of menstruating girls, which is why 'periods-like behavior' is quite common in adolescent boys.

The Male Menstrual Cycle

Male menstruation is not a normal cycle and is not normal. It can be an indication that there is a medical condition that needs immediate attention. Male menstruation is bleeding from a boy's genitals due to various health conditions, including these:

1. Schistosomiasis: Schistosomiasis is usually the leading cause of urinary bleeding in boys. Schistosoma haematobium is the parasite that causes it. 

2. Kidney Infection: Infection of the kidneys and kidney stones can both cause blood to appear in the urine.

3. Tumor in bladder, kidney, or prostate: A genitourinary tumor is quite likely to cause bleeding in the genital area. 

4. Urinary tract infection: It is unlikely that a kidney infection is caused by urinary tract infections (UTIs). These problems are often caused by exposure to bacteria in the urinary tract, such as Staphylococcus saprophyticus or E. coli.

A boy having periods is certainly not normal. The combination of boys and periods is biologically impossible. Therefore, as a parent, you should not worry about your son having periods. The only thing you need to do if your boy complains of bleeding from his private parts takes him to his doctor for a diagnosis and proper treatment. 


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