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A new born baby who looks like the mother's brother who died nine years ago see pictures

This is something miraculous that happened to this lady after she gave birth to her new baby and she noticed something on this baby that left her surprised, her new born baby came out looking exactly just like the lady's late brother who died nine years ago.

Look at the both on the screenshot taken from the post on social media, the pic of the brother when he was a new born and the lady's baby there, you can tell how miraculous this is what God made here.

According to this lady by the name of Miss COCKY twitter handle name @Teeyoulater, she posted the this post and said, "my brother died nine years ago... that's him as a baby and look at my daughter."

This is s blessing to have given birth to a baby that looks just like one of your late loved one, this is s lifetime memory of this lady's late brother.

What do you think of this miraculous happenings that only God can do, no one else is capable of this.

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