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Single mother commits suicide leaving - Baby Daddy REACTS.

After posting the following quoted messages on social media, "Livi Jaay" unfortunately could not deal with depression anymore, she committed suicide.

Post 1 :

"Having to do this parent sh*t alone has really made me a lot stronger & shows me that I am capable of doing anything but at the same time I wanna breathe. I wanna be able to go to the restroom at least once without little kids following my *ss, I want to be able to sleep in because I don't have to get up just cause kids are up. I WANT A BREAK & I'm comfortable enough to say that now & not g*f what no one says because I AM HUMAN..."

At this point, she was seemingly courageous and accepting of her situation of being a single mother. She was embracing the fact that she is fatigued and does not care what anybody thinks, most probably because she is the one looking after the children alone.

Post 2 :

"Checking out, I'm sorry but I can't keep battling depression. To the ones that were really there I love y'all.If I do succeed at this please make sure my kids are ok please..."

It is unfortunate that she did really succeed at it and may her soul rest in peace.

People on social media shared their stances regarding these news, the posts left by the lady and reason behind the suicide. Apparently, the father of her children reacted with a laughing emoji on these particular posts, and later deactivated his account.

It is important to state though, this is one of the many cases that are recurring in different societies everyday. Mental health issues that are influenced by other factors such as single parenting, toxic relationships and lack of support (financially or emotionally) can mentally drain an individual to their breaking point.

Baby fathers must realise that the end of a relationship between them and the mothers does not automatically destroy future relationships with their children, they must still take responsibility and help raise the children.

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