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How to identify neglectful parent in the society

Many parents are obviously not involving in the activities of their children as a result of one thing or the other. They are the very best that can explained why they do not need to involve in the life activities of their children.

The seemingly have little or no emotional attachment to their children and have no concerned of anything to those children, and further limiting the little relationship established by those children themselves.

And the consequence of that is nothing other than making the children bare the struggle for life survival, and be battling with the basic necessities of life, such as shelter, food and clothing.

Then to know if a parent is neglectful, some of the following will be known and identified after carefully observed what is going on, some of which are;

1.     They act emotionally distant from those children as if they are not the one that gave birth to him or her.

2.     The act of limiting the communication process between the duos as to ensure dis-commuication.

3.     The growing up process of such a child is of no concerned for such a parent.

4.     The parent here often has no supervision of those children.

5.     They also as well lack the expression of love and the likes.

6.     Exposing of those children to an emotional abuse on their way to look for survival.

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