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Newborn Baby Girl Found Abandoned By her Mother

Most of the time, the things we see happening in the country are deeply disturbing; yet, here we are, waking up one day and learning that someone actually tried to get rid of their own child in this way.

This is a significant crisis since there are things that people can do to address the issues plaguing our society, yet many people disagree with it and find it unpleasant that some people are so thoughtless.

It would be extremely harmful to the mother to just discard an unwanted kid, and there are options available to those in this situation if they so choose.

This practice, though it appears to be widespread, is in fact unlawful, and those who partake in it risk going to prison as a result.

Outside of Louis Trichardt, in the Limpopo providence, a newborn girl was found abandoned at Nzhelele Ha Rabali, close to ShopRite Usave. The infant was wrapped in black plastic and set out gently on the garbage pile, but a passerby heard the baby wailing from the nearby bush and discovered the child.

It's a marvel the baby made it through being put in a bag of black plastic in the middle of winter; leaving a baby out in the cold is absolutely not acceptable, and the circumstances surrounding the infant's discovery are truly horrific.

For this reason, action must be taken to guarantee that the perpetrator faces appropriate punishment; such behavior has no place in a civilized society.


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