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The most sh0cking news.

This is the most shocking news ever! Parents are aware that their kids are having sex and they don’t have a problem with it.

Below are some views from Twitter people:

•We live in times where people see wrong good as good,no more different.

The fact that the kids face turned red indicates that their conscience told them that what's they're doing is wrong but their sexual desires for each other overcame it. This is shameful

•Let me first state that I am totally opposed to this.However, I've had a similar discussion & a question that came up was; Apart from our own moral standards, what other reasons do we have for denying this (to the point of making it illegal)biological effects of inbreeding?

•In other countries is legal to sleep or marry your own blood so who are we to question their culture?

•The world is coming to an end!! Abomination is the new normal. When we talk they say we judge. This is sexual abomination at its peak.

•There are some kind of spirits involved in this family. If your house is cleaned by the pure spirit of love which is the holy spirit or I might use the language of this earth, the positive spirit. Non of this could happen. The house is corrupt from its roots(parents).

What are your views about this?

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