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Concerns reportedly risen over teenage pregnancies in this part of Gauteng

The City of Tshwane reportedly raised concerns regarding the high rate of teenage pregnancies .It was highlighted in the eNCA report that health facilities recorded close to 10 000 deliveries to young mothers in the previous two years .

It was noted that between the month of July 2019 and June 2021 , the City of Tshwane recorded 9 922 teenage pregnancies .When Rina Marx , who is the MMC for health was asked to shed more light on the issue of teenage pregnancies ,she said that it was major concern in the city and that they were worried .She went on and said that the teenage delivery was a high concern .

Rina said that they wanted to make a difference in regard to the statistics they were getting .An important question was asked on when there would be a discussion regarding statutory rape with the members of the community .She responded by saying that they did not have the rights to ask the young pregnant girls if they would have been raped .

The City of Tshwane does not have details in regard to how they would have got pregnant .When Rina was asked about the socio-economic implications of such pregnancies in societies regarding early pregnancies , she said that they did have negative impacts on socio-economic services .It was added that it brought financial stress as well an increase in school dropouts .

It is concerning to note how the teenagers fall pregnant at such an early age of their lives . Families and school need to take the responsibilities of educating about such issues to their children . Men also need to be taught to be responsible enough such that they let young girls complete their studies . Parents need to have deep conversations with children to avoid a child having to give birth to another child .

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City of MMC Rina Tshwane


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