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He Was Sentenced To Death, Then He Asked For A Pen And Paper As His Last Wish, See What He Wrote

Family planning methods have a huge impact on children's development into adulthood, which will benefit them in the future.

  The family planning program in Ghana, where I grew up, is characterized by strict discipline, strong love, self-control, dedication and commitment to household chores.

  Respect and tradition were given great respect. Respect for authority, such as parents and the elderly, was inevitable.

  Ghana's approach to family planning has changed, and child rearing today seems to be on the decline.

  Parents in Ghana today are often more tolerant and friendly than they were when we were children. There is a lot of discussion between parents and children these days, in a way because the average teenager today wants this.

  Parental misconceptions can often be a problem for children throughout their lives.

  Understanding and recognizing the bad choices of parents can help parents make better decisions for their children.

  Hello, Mother! If the law had been true today, you would have been sitting next to me in an electric chair, ready to be electrocuted, but because the law is blind, I have been convicted of crimes we committed together.

  Do you remember how it all started, Mom, when I was three years old and stealing my brother's dolls? He has failed to correct me; remember when I was 5 I stole my friends' toys and hid them at home? You said nothing; Mom, you remember when I was 12 and I hid my cousin's ball in the barn when he came to play with us at home and you said you could see but you didn't notice? Do you remember the day I lost my job at age 15?

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