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"I am tired of looking for shoes." One says, as he resorts to extreme measures

Those who have toddlers will understand and most probably be able to relate with this article. Those little ones have a big problem of loosing their shoes, misplacing them and taking them off unnecessarily.

This behavior can become a pain in the neck for you as a parent, at times you might even find yourself getting to buy five or more pairs of footwear in a month for your little one.

It can cause strain to your budget as well. So what do you do as a parent in a situation like that?

Smart people would say just keep telling the children it's not safe to have their shoes off and if they choose to have their shoes off they are choosing to not do anything else in the classroom. Be firm and clear. Make sure she knows her choices and that her behavior is making her unsafe.

It could work, but one guy recently left many with mixed feelings after he shared he shared his extreme measure of making sure his toddler does not lose her shoes.👇🏿

A lot of people responded to the post with different reactions to the guy's methods, some felt it was a bit too extreme and there were those that felt it was way too hilarious.

This is a big problem that many parents have to go through on daily basis, l would suggest that one praises their toddler for wearing shoes, that method works like a bomb. Remember toddlers love to hear praise and know they have done a good job, especially when it comes to mom and dad. Include praise in the day, especially when your toddler keeps her shoes on all day or for some time—any phrase praising the toddler works. For example, tell your toddler they look grown-up wearing shoes. Or, tell your toddler that you’re proud of them for keeping their shoes on today while shopping.

We would love to know how you would or have handled this type of a situation, drop a comment in comments by sharing your experiences.

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