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Simply Ways To Test Your Children's Knowledge And How To Help Them Correct Their Mistakes.

Almost all children refuse to share their sentiments and concerns to their parents after school. However, by asking some questions, we can help them open up.

We'll teach you how to find out about your children's academic progress without having to visit their schools.

1. Pay attention to their emotions.

Children's emotions often reveal a lot about them. Check to see if they are in a good mood before you start asking them questions. Don't push it; just hug them and be nice to them. If they're in a good mood, tell them about yourself and let them unwind after a long day before you start interrogating them.

2. Start a conversation with a statement.

Make an observation and suggest a nice topic for discussion if your child is reluctant to relate what happened at school. He or she may be having difficulties in class, with reading, or with professors. Simply select a topic that they are enthusiastic in.

3. Give them some personal information.

We give youngsters the option of engaging in the conversation or just listening when we talk about ourselves. Tell them about a memorable experience you had at work or as a child. There's a good chance the child will respond positively, and you'll learn about their school day.

4. Asking broad questions that can be answered in a single word is not a good idea.

Ask open-ended questions that are hard to respond to with a single word.

5. When you ask a question, avoid making eye contact.

Making eye contact with children when speaking is like forcing them to make a difficult decision or answer a difficult question, according to parenting expert Varda Meyers Epstein. The kid will be able to relax and not feel as if they are being “interrogated” if no eye contact made.

The following is a list of specific questions you should ask your child.

A. What was your favorite lesson and why?

B. What was the most intriguing thing the teacher taught you?

C. What caught your eye today?

D. Which of the teachings boosted your confidence the most?

E. If you had an option, which subject would you replace?

F. Can you tell me what made you laugh?

G. If you were stuck on a deserted island with a classmate, who would you choose and why?

H. Did your teacher say anything today that made you think about something?

Certain students were arrogant and misbehaving when I was in school. Is there a similar situation at your school?

J. Is there anything you've always wanted to know but couldn't because you didn't have time to ask the teacher?

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