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Mom Carries baby for her son and his husband

On social media, a picture of a mother who is pregnant with her son's and his son's husband's child is circulating. "Where there is love, there is a way," as the adage goes, and this family is living proof of that. Some people are criticizing this mother for carrying his son's and his son's husband's child, while the majority of people are complimenting her for being a caring mother.

This mother recognizes and accepts that her son is attracted to men, and she is willing to help him and his husband have a child of their own. "Mom carries the baby for her son and his husband," Imitsanyelo reported on the fashion front.

On Facebook, people have expressed their opinions on the subject. Some people told others not to judge this mother because she did what she thought was best for her son. "I've learned not to judge people over their life choices; if they're happy, that's all that matters," Malba said. "So she's carrying her grandchild?" some people kept thinking. enquired a perplexed Twitter user. Some Twitter users couldn't stop applauding this mother, saying, "That's mother's love."

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