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OPINION# it has been proven that parents have made their children suffer

People are now using social media as a platform where they could vent and let out all the pain they have been swimming into.

As much as Social media can destroy someone because of its negativity and bullying, there are those who has been lucky enough to get help from it.

With that being said, people are also sharing their experiences with their family member's.

Two different men have shared the pain they have suffered in their parent's, mother's to be precise hands.

This is a proof that , there are plenty of children who have suffered in the hands of their parents but have never found courage to speak out because,as we know it we protect our families with all that we have.

We hide their shame in attempt to come out as good people but at times, for us to heal we ought to confront the truth in order for us to be set free.

" I was my biological mother's mistake and she never loved me shame. Until today she still rejects me in many ways", one wrote.

What's more painful is being rejected in a place where you are supposed to be loved and wanted because that pain could lead to one building walls , trying not to get close to anyone because they are scared of being rejected all over again.

Other people even go as far as being abusive in their relationships because they want ,for once in their lives be in charge/control of something.

There's a lot of change that parents needs to do, they need to learn a lot from their children and understand that , children are also humans who needs respect as they also need to be respected by their children.

Yes, it's true that parents could also be dealing with childhood traumas, but that should not be their children's place to heal them or make them understand that, they need help.

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