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Pregnancy period

Pregnant Woman Who Became Internet Sensation Because Of Her Baby Bump Gives Birth To Triplets

A pregnant mother went famous on the internet a week ago when images of her baby belly went viral. The woman's pregnant bump captivated many people, and the photographs went viral on social media.

Michella Meier-Morsi is a Danish mother. She had twins in 2018. She and her husband, Mark Morsi, believed they were done having kids after producing twin girls, but life had other plans.

“Do multiples run in her family or husband's family?” the technician asked Michella during a regular ultrasound. That's when she realized she was carrying triplets.

Poco-a-poco, her belly became huge. She's been sharing her experiences on Instagram since last year, but her pictures/story have recently gone viral.

Michella has been photographing her tummy since she found out she was pregnant to document her pregnancy. Her belly grew like a weed. The tummy seemed oblong and veined at times.

Many people were literally on the edge of their seats waiting to see the beautiful birth of the triplets. Many people prayed for her safe birth.

Michella has finally gone to bed and has shared an amazing photo of her three babies on Instagram. “My stomach is empty, but my heart and arms are full with love and happiness,” she added. 3 days of acute sleep deprivation while getting to know everyone and navigating...”

And the birth went better than she expected. Postpartum pain and injuries are worse than before. “I'm stuck in this nightmare right now. Thankfully, having three adorable boys on your chest makes it easier. “I've already had them all up.”

Her kids weighed 2278, 2626, and 2775 grams. Thousands of people congratulated Michella and her family on Instagram.

Photo Credit: Michella Meier-Morsi Instagram

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