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Rewarding your kids for a great job done.

All parents should Dr. Read Carol Dweck's Mindset! I know that all parents love our children and want the best for them, but unfortunately we do not know that sometimes they ruin their success and happiness.

And what makes it worse, our good intentions hurt our children in the same area that we are eagerly and passionately trying to help them .

You see, we all want the best for our children. And when they do something good, like take home a good report card or score a goal in a soccer game, we praise our children for the good they have done.

But maybe, according to Dr. Be more moderate and don't praise them for their good deeds, or at least be careful with the words we use when we praise them for doing good.

Our good intentions in praising our kids when they do something good scares them about the day the praise stops because they haven't gotten the results they wanted, a kind of victory. Our well-intentioned praise inadvertently scares our kids for failure. Worse, it can make them hesitate to do something difficult.

How do we parents lay the foundation and open the shipping lanes for our children to become the kind of people who lead amazing lives? Truth be told, we can start by stopping our children's automatic praise for their victories and praising their hard work and bravery in facing challenges.

We need to do this new kind of recognition regardless of whether you fail or succeed at these new and more complicated things.

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