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Pregnancy period

“He Shot His Load And I Caught It” — Young Couple Announced Pregnancy In Creative Way

Amazing husband and wife used a creative way to announce their pregnancy. The husband and wife used a form of t-shirt to announce that they are expecting their panther of tiny feet. The t-shirt reads, “he shot his load and I caught it”. Many young couple are using creative means or memes to announce it when they are expecting a new child. One other couple served their young daughter and eviction notice, saying it is time for her to vacate the cradle for the new baby that would be born. Pregnancy is a wonderful thing when properly planned. It could be a very joyous experience when the couple are deeply in love and have stable means of livelihoods to sustain the pregnancy and their babies. Taking care of pregnancies and babies involve money. This is the main reason why ladies who get pregnant out of wedlock and without stable sources of income always experience difficulties if no one come to their aids.

Another couple announced that they are expecting a baby in the most creative manner. The wife announced that she was pregnant, and the man was happy. When she told him it was two, the man started running and the lady pursued him, saying that he must come and take responsibility for the seeds he planted in her. We bring you a collection of amazing ways young couples are now using to announce their pregnancies 

When a couple is expecting twins and they do not want to tell you openly. You have to do some reasoning to understand.

When a family is made up of comedians and they decided to use it to announce their pregnancy. You can see they are all pregnant but they will give birth to different things.

This couple already bought a shoe down for their unborn baby. At least they have started making preparations.

The wife decided to announce that she is pregnant during Halloween. May be she is a Halloween enthusiast.

This Young big brother is patiently waiting for his play partner who is still rocking some sleep in the mother's belly. Meanwhile he is getting tired of waiting so he put his hands on his waist.

May be she used to charge phones for people and decided to use battery charging mode to announce her pregnancy. Who knows!

Chief shot his load and madam caught it. The seed was planted on a fertile ground.

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