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Good news for mothers of children whose fathers ran away coming out of Department of Justice. Read

Love is beautiful and makes people imagine impossible things. When people are in love they see the best in each other. They get so comfortable that they let all their gaurds down.

No one ever expect that a relationship can ever end. They spent days and night planning a future together. Some even start talking about having children and starting a family.

Unfortunately sometimes all good things come to an end. The worst part is when there are children involved. Most relationships end once the baby is conceived or born.

The mother is then left to fend for herself and her baby. Fathers just go along and enjoy life. Most of the time mothers are unable to locate the fathers.

The Department of Justice and Constitutional development is planning to use anything in their arsenal to track down and locate fathers who run away from the responsibility of taking care of their children.

The Department is planning to use cellphone records, vehicle registrations, credit reports and any such records to trace fathers and bring them to justice.

This is good news for mothers of children whose fathers have disappeared and left their children destitute. The Department plans to also help easy the burden on social grants dependency.


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Department of Justice and Constitutional development


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