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'OMG || See These Fake Doll Babies That You Can Feed And They Also Cry

When I initially saw these photographs, I had the same impression that you are having right now: these can't be toys, these are genuine infants. I wasn't the only one who believed this. No, they are not actual newborns; instead, they are doll babies known as "Reborn dolls," which are designed to seem as realistic as possible.

In fact, if you didn't know better, you might believe these reborn dolls are actual human people. They are composed of silicone and are meticulously manufactured and hand painted to appear as authentic as possible to be human. They are, in fact, entirely fabricated, and I find them both scary and magnificent to behold.

An additional unique feature of these reborn dolls is that they are able to scream and feed and defecate much like actual newborn infants. You feed them and the food goes into them and comes out as poo, not genuine poo, but the same food you gave them in the first place. These dolls are fairly pricey, and they are designed for children as well as to serve as a replacement for a deceased child.

Imagine if these dolls magically woke up one day and started acting like the characters from the horror film "Chucky." I wouldn't even be able to sleep with these dolls alongside me since I'd be too terrified to gaze at them, particularly at night. Take a look at the dolls below.

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