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Lehasa has lost 4 chances of having a baby to read more

Lehasa's chances of having a baby are getting smaller

Lehasa is a businessman based in Joburg and he is a self made millionaire. He likes getting his own way and he feels untouchable.

Lehasa was married to Zandi and tried to have babies with her but due to her cancer getting worse she removed her eggs so that Lehasa can have babies.

Lehasa failed again to have babies with Lelo because he thought she was not the right person to have a baby with because of her past and dangerous ways of living.

Lehasa got Pretty Seakamela pregnant by a mistake and he doesn't want anyhing to do with the baby. He says the baby is not his and that has pushed Pretty to end up doing an abortion which Lehasa doesn't know about it yet that's chance number 3.

Lastly he planned to have a baby with Nothile who is her girlfriend now, but she also won't be able to conceive because she removed her womb. Lehasa after finding out his world crumbles down he could not beileve it.

Will he ever get an heir for his wealth?


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