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Hard To Believe| Lesbians To Change The Rules Of Nature

Hard To Believe| Lesbians To Change The Rules Of Nature

Date: 2022/03/01

It is extremely hard to believe but Lesbians are about to be 50% co-parents of Children received through artificial inseminations. This means that a man that donated his seamen to one lady the other lesbian can have full parenting rights to the child just as the mother that carried the child in her womb.

Education makes people not want to follow the natural order of things, it also makes them not want to have children, it seems like the world population will be declining in the next 100 years, the number of people on earth will diminish significantly, it is going to be a world of machines, but unfortunately they need people to operate them.

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It is extremely hard to understand that people are beginning to understand that the world is designed to be against them, ever since Eve made Adam eat that apple, the world has been a very cold place, nothing we did was ever enough, every route we take was never enough, God does not love his children anymore that is what the bible says at least, we are all not worthy enough to make a living in this country. The country is beautiful, we all have the potential to reach our greatest being, also we do not much to survive, it a strange world.

The courts made this ruling yesterday, South Africa is one of the most liberal countries in the world, we have a lot of freedom and most of us cannot handle it, but better now than before, the world is neat and clean people can choose to become whatever they wish to be, just as long as they keep in touch with who they would love to be, but they should know that there is a cost to everything they want to be like.



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