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"I confronted my mom about her colourist remarks towards my baby" SA You Tuber confronts colourism

If you are black and you grew up around any other black people, you'll understand that colourism is a pandemic. Too often people grow up being called derogatory names, not just by bullies at school, but by their own family.

This Twitter user decided to end the viscous cycle with her own mother.

User @sivee_m, a popular You Tuber took to her Twitter account to share the great news, writing, "I did guys, I confronted my mom about her colourist remarks towards my baby (she’s at the stage where her true colour is showing). There’s tension in the air but oksalayo akaphinde. 🙏🏽"

It's clear that is is something that was bubbling underneath the surface there and it was swiftly confronted. I love this approach to controversial topics like colourism. The reason why it persists is that no one wants to be uncomfortable enough to actually tell theirs parents to stop perpetuating the stigma.

Social Media Opinion

Other Twitter users were pleased and welcomed this news about what she had done. One user got personal, writing, "I absolutely love this for you and you baby❤️ Getting weird comments about your skin absolutely sucked for me as a child. Your self esteem doesn’t recover 100% from that. I really wish people stood up for us like this when we were younger."

While another user stated a simple truth, "Sometimes we must stand up to parents. No disrespect or anything but sometimes it’s necessary"

Personal Thoughts

Growing up I remember being slightly darker in the summertime and slightly lighter in the winter. I would dread the tone of my skin in summer, not because it was bad, but simply because I looked darker and snide comments would be made about it that fuelled the stigma. What is the stigma you may ask? Being dark is equated to being ugly.

It's an idea I've spent my life unlearning this and embracing whatever tone my skin becomes. But for others, they go as far as to bleach their skin. It's not okay and it all starts with those little comments. I'm really hopeful the babies growing up now will not have to battle with those demons.

Did you go through something similar to this? Let me know in the comments...💬

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