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Attention To Parents, See What Drivers Do With Their Kids When They Pick And Drop Them Off

One scary photo surfaced online of kids seated in a wrong way in a small car. They are not comfortable, when they arrive to school you can tell that they are in pains of cramps. South Africa is currently facing financial issues but this doesn't mean that children should suffer like this. These kids cannot say or do something about it because they always not talking.

If anything happens to the car there will be a mash in the car. Currently we are under lockdown because there is a virus out here spreading like wild fire. The World Health Organizations adviced that in order to stop the spread of Covid-19 we should wash our hands regularly, sanitize our hands and keep social distancing. Yes it is hard for transportations of pupils to keep distancing and the restrictions allows full capacity. But this doesn't mean children from different houses should be this close.

Below are the concerns of the parent on Facebook furiously speaking because sometimes they do not see what their children goes through. Some parent allows it because the owner of the vehicle is charging them cheap.

Such situations are tiring, some of the parents have lost count of how many times they had to change transports for their children. You could say this is being greedy of the driver and the owner of the vehicle, safety should come first. Some parents do not notice it because some transports arrive at their homes with few kids, which makes them to think that's all and the vehicle is going straight to school.

Honestly speaking what these kids are going through is a very high risk. If it was highly likely for kids to spread the virus like how it's happening in adults, they could have been sad news reported daily. Schools could have been closed for a year now because school cases are pretty much high than of the events and staff.

As a parent, uncle, cousin or aunt, what is your take on this matter? Should this be allowed to slide? Think about the kid contacting Covid-19 and bringing it home. The kid will not even get sick, but the older person at home like you and elders getting sick of this virus all because of the recklessness of transportation.

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