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"People That Aren't Parents Really Shouldn't Be Giving Advise On How To Raise Kids" - Natasha

People that aren't parents really shouldn't be giving advise on how to raise kids.

" People that are not parents but have studied about children are more than qualified to advice! "

People that are parents and have kids should also understand that their friends who do not have kids do not necessarily have to like/love their kids merely because they're friends. I'm your friend and have nothing to do with your kids.

People with kids are not supposed to act as if they understand every parental role and everything on how to raise their kids or they have the best advice for their kids as well, we are all here to learn and listen to advisers even though we do not practice what has been preached.

People who are not Parents were once Kids. I cant tell u how to raise your kids but can share my own experiences being raised the way I was etc, which you MIGHT learn something from. I think we can learn from each other without dictating how One should conduct their household.

With parenthood you should go through it to understand it. How are you going to advise someone who barely gets sleep at night because of the child when you get your full 8 hours of sleep and have no one waking you up? I I get your statement but it doesn't apply here hey.

Nobody should be giving advise on how to raise kids if nobody asked them. I'm tired of all this baby experts. Don't do this do that... Buy this instead, it helps... When I respond with "Who asked you?" They say I'm rude.

Some parents are doing a crappy job at raising their kids. Some should not have become parents at all. and some need to be taught how to become parents,You don’t have to be a parent to advice just like lectures talking about organisations whom they never ran as CEO but lecture them.

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