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After seeing this pictures I decided am not going to be a father see all 18 pictures: Opinion

Here we have 19 pictures of our little bundle of joy having some, should I say good time or bedtime you can be the judge of that, but according to my opinion, they are having some naughty fun time.

And when I came across this pictures on social media platform Facebook, this made me realise what most parents are going through with their little bundle of joy. Some of the things that they do here, you might end up thinking to not have a baby at all.

Let's see some of the pictures that they came across on Facebook.

Here on this one below you can see that instead of eating the spaghetti, not sure if they have decided to make a camouflage with the spaghetti all over their head.

According to this one here below, they have poured paint all over the floor, on the television, on the couches, and even on themselves. And we can all agree that paint is hard to get rid of on any surface.

Let's continue with our pictures that made me think twice about becoming a father.

Just imagine getting home, and find your little bundle of joy busy cutting paper money with scissors, cutting only the head that's printed on the paper money. According to my opinion, we can't really blame them because they teach them how to cut pictures at school, but money is something else.

Take a look at this one, just as soon as you think you are about to finish with your plastering, then here comes little bundle of joy doing what he thinks is good, walking on the wet floor and leaving his footprints on it.

According to my opinion, this last one takes the cup. I will use all of the toothpaste on the little bundle of joy to get rid of every trace of the pig mouth on him.

If these pictures don't make you decide not to become a father, then I salute you, this is too much.

Source: Facebook

Content created and supplied by: Jimfoxx07 (via Opera News )


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