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I was told my baby boy wouldn’t survive birth – then my husband died

Kelsey Ferguson was entirely and completely overjoyed to learn that she was expecting a child. After a year of attempting to conceive after getting married to her college lover Scott in 2016, Kelsey tragically miscarried their first child at eight weeks. The couple found out they were expecting again in 2017 thanks to fertility treatment. At the 20-week scan, the mother's baby was found to have a heart problem and a genetic issue, making it unlikely that he would survive the delivery, she wrote in a personal essay for Love What Matters. He is terminal and won't live, the doctor remarked when he entered the room, she recounted.

As soon as our baby stopped breathing, Scott and I vowed to keep fighting for him. Due to the baby's small size, Kelsey was forced to visit the hospital for testing twice a week. Around this time, Scott began to have bodily aches, joint discomfort, a bad cough, and a fever, but the couple thought it was just a cold from their recent move to a new house and his new job.

On June 4, 2018, Kelsey was admitted to the hospital for observation and informed that she will give birth the following week. After Scott paid her a visit that day, Kelsey and her buddy agreed that he didn't seem like himself and appeared pale. Scott started coughing up blood in the middle of the night, and an ambulance took him to the same hospital as Kelsey. Despite being first admitted to the intensive care unit, Scott had made such significant progress by the afternoon that he was moved into a regular room for observation.

On Tuesday and Wednesday, I was allowed to get removed from my room to visit him twice a day for a few hours at a time, Chelsea recalled. Scott was still having a difficult time raising his oxygen levels and was becoming very frustrated. When Kelsey didn't hear from him on Thursday morning, she assumed he was still sleeping. However, she later learned he had been returned to the intensive care unit. I went down there, and they informed me they needed to insert a central line into his neck because they were going to perform a dialysis-like treatment in which they would withdraw his blood, clean it, and then reintroduce it.

Scott needed to be sedated for the treatment since his lungs weren't functioning as well as they should have, necessitating a bypass. Tragically, the patient who would soon pass away experienced a heart attack. Kelsey recalled that as soon as she was informed, she yelled, "Is he gone!" and instantly started throwing up. Scott was quickly transferred back to the intensive care unit after doctors continued their efforts to revive him for another hour. Kelsey was informed that Scott wasn't in a stable condition at this point and that it was unknown how much harm the cardiac arrest would have done to his brain.

I was able to spend some time with Scott after talking to the medical professional. I told him how much my kid and I loved him as I sat next to his bed, clutching his hand, she recalled. The heartbreaking news that there was nothing more physicians could do for Kelsey was delivered to her the following day when she was trying to sleep in a waiting room not far from Scott. I screamed as I crashed to the ground. I continued to vomit as I struggled to accept the reality of the situation. It was like a nightmare from which I would soon awaken.

It seems impossible that it could have been genuine even today. Kelsey then raced to his side and spent hours holding his hand. Her mother, however, pushed her to leave the morning after she nearly passed out many times. The future mother-to-be afterwards discovered that her future spouse had the autoimmune condition Wagner's vasculitis. Kelsey was induced the day after Scott's funeral and was well aware that she might potentially lose her child as well. Baby Max Lee Russell was welcomed by Kelsey on June 12. She stated that he weighed £2 4 ounces while breathing on his own. He disproved the physicians, and he has continued ever since. Maxley does have a chromosomal abnormalities and a cardiac problem, neither of which is fatal.

Three days after his father's birthday in September, Kelsey was allowed to bring Maxley home after spending the first four months of his life in the hospital. He had open heart surgery in January of the following year. Even while the procedure itself went well, his condition rapidly deteriorated the next few days. And in a terrible turn of events, he eventually found himself on his father's life support system. Amazingly, Maxley survived that ordeal, and Kelsey constantly emphasizes to her son how much his father loves him.

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