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Mother Is Dragged By Mzanzi For Spoiling Her Son’s Girlfriend.

Being a parent it’s not easy because there’s no formula to raise a child, and people like adding their 2 cent opinions. All parents are trying their best to raise their children right by making sure to provide them all the love they need by providing shelter, food, education, etc.

A popular sangoma by the name @celistewart takes it to her Twitter page that her son has started dating, and she doesn’t have a problem with that because love is a beautiful thing one can experience. however, her son mentioned that her girlfriend got flu, then she suggested that they buy flowers, juice, and chocolate to cheer up his girlfriend. And she accompanies to deliver the goodies to the girlfriend.

Love is amazing and it brings joy to people, why would you want to stop someone to be in love? Surely you must be cruel, it's great to see a parent having an open relationship with their children. While some of her followers we against her decision, saying she’s trapping her son, girls will hurt him, etc they said all negative stuff.

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