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Alarms are ringing for parents. An end to traumatic childhood experiences.

Growing up as a child is supposed to be fun, exciting and joyful. Childhood is one of the best moments a child needs to cherish and honour. It is a time where individuals experience the greatest freedom from all adversities and stresses of the world. It can be evident that about 90% of adults in the world wish to go back to their childhood life, where everything was not a worry.

It is very unfortunate that childhood is not always a happy memory to some children. Most children who have been abused at a young age enjoy nothing about childhood. Traumatic childhood experiences follow them up to their adulthood. Cases of mental illness are going up each and every day. We may tell ourselves that the victims of mental illness pick the illness up in their adulthood but the matter of truth is that many suffered some traumatic childhood experiences and the results came back much later in their lives. Abuse, in any form, changes the entire childhood to a child. For instance, an abused child becomes more paranoid and no longer freely express themselves as per usual. Also, once a child experience some sort of abuse, the whole atmosphere around them changes to be an enormous trauma. A child is supposed to worry about school work, who to play with and when to play but an abused child is forced to go through a deep healing process from such trauma.

Parenting styles have an impact of some sort to the matter. Most parents worry about whether the child is dressed, whether their stomachs are full and totally neglect the psychological well-being of a child. Some children are shy in nature and are afraid to bring the subject of abuse up to their parents. It should be now the parents' duties to check the psychological well-being of their child.

A lot of parents especially in Black households are strict. In many cases being strict creates lots of fear for children to disclose that they are being abused. Being strict destroys children's comfort zone and replace it with fear. A healthy household must be the one where a child is free to start a conversation about anything with their parents without fear.

Another issue resulting to traumatic childhood is that subjects of abuse are seen as disgusting and something to not talk about with children. This again is more common in our black societies. When children then encounter abuse, they are in fear of disclosing this trauma to their parents as the topic was coated in snake's skin, it is an untouched topic at home.

Impacts on lives of these abused children are serious matters that may last forever on their lives. These impacts are all negative and can cost a child his or her life. Mentioning a few out of many, anxiety is one the impacts. Anxiety may be in some scenarios fully evident at a much later stage of an individual's life and may result to tragedies like self harming and suicide. Attachment disorder is the most common disorder that occurs at an early stage of a child. Attachment disorder means that a child is unable to form and also maintain a meaningful relationships with people. A child may unfortunately be unable even to form emotional connection with their parents or whoever is in caring of them or even worse, they may be unable to create friendships. In this stage, they have no one to disclose it and the trauma eats them up alone.

The worst and threatening impact of abuse on children is the delay of their cognitive development. This cognitive dysfunction may result to lifelong issues such as lack of communication, reasoning and creative thinking. It may also lead to lifelong disorders and diseases such as Down Syndrome and autism. The unfortunate part of this is that future leaders and dreams are perplexed and destroyed.

Lack of self esteem and confidence can be counted on many of the countless impacts of abuse. Children who are abused are most likely to be loners or forced introverts especially those abused emotionally. Hurtful words by people always find a way of staying in one's heart mostly that of a child. For instance if a child is constantly told that he or she is ugly, she or he eventually believes that and his or her confidence is murdered, also leaving their self-esteem on the ground.

Children who experienced abuse become a danger to other children and later to the society. They tend to inflict pain on others as to avenge themselves from what has been done to them by their offenders. They take out their anger all on other children. Now as a country we are combating two pandemics and one of them is gender based violence. A lot of those men and women who are increasing the statistics of GBV have previous experiences of abuse. Inflicting pain on others is their only way of dealing with what happened to them in the past until it becomes a habit and they become monsters to our communities.

Child psychology must not only be a course or a module at varsity but a general knowledge to be preached across all parents and caregivers. In that way, they will be alert enough in knowing when a child is encountering abuse. Abuse is a venom destroying young dreams that never gets a chance to become realities. Traumatic childhood experiences produce, bitter adults full of unstable psychological well-being. We need more individuals to combat the tragedy of GBV, we need psychological fit and well individuals to lead us into a well developed country. In being victorious in that, it all starts in educating parents and caregivers about child psychology so that they can create a healthy childhood for all children. An end to traumatic childhood experiences, frees all from the cages of tragedies.

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