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Check what he said to his father who ignores him, that left tears in people eyes

Uninvolved parenting, often known as neglectful parenting, is characterized by an inability to respond to a child's needs. Uninvolved parents rarely place demands on their kids and are frequently uncaring, dismissive, or even totally neglectful.

Some fathers become non existent to their kids due to the type of responsibility it takes, some were just born out of wedlock and the man has another family he cares about more than their other child , which leads to them acting like you don't exist.

Or is either the father and the mother had a bad breakup and ended up the father not interested in anything that includes the mother which means kids also.

But for this guy is unclear what happened to him and his father, whom he is trying by all means to reach out to him but the father could careless and always blue ticks him on Whatsapp and this caused a lot of stir on social media with some saying he should block him and also pretend like his nothing.


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