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Check out what his baby mama said after he got stabbed protecting a woman from being raped

Researchers have found that empathy and compassion for others are important factors in heroic behavior. When faced with danger or difficulty, people are quick to jump in to save others because they genuinely care about their safety and well-being.

Heroes, role models, and leaders have the potential to fulfill moral role modeling and enhancement purposes. Heroes may provide a different kind of protective role than role models or leaders. In general, heroes are more inclined than leaders or role models to assist, save, defend, improve the world, and do what no one else will.

Speaking of a hero, this guy is a great example of what a hero does, he risked his own life without thinking of the outcome after he saw a lady who was about to get raped and he jumped in to save her, he even got some stab wounds in the process and he posted the ordeal on Facebook were in his baby mama saw this and asked he send money for their child, without the care in the world of what he went through this caused a stir on social media


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