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Painful | They lost their lives and left their parents with so much pain. Rest in peace

Parents love their children. They also have dreams of seeing them become better people when they are adults; having loving families, stable careers, homes and cars. It wasn't easy for so many parents to raise their children. They struggled, but they just don't want to see their children suffering in the same way they had suffered. Sometimes they want them to study and have stable jobs so they can also help them financially. After all they deserve to reap the benefits of raising us.

Dolefully, when one of their children pass away it tears them apart. Child loss is a loss like no other. One often misunderstood by many. There is no “moving on,” or “getting over it.” There is no bow, no fix, no solution to your heartache.

For as long as you breathe, you will grieve and ache and love your deceased child with all your heart and soul. There will never come a time where you won’t think about who my son would be, what he would look like, and how he would be woven perfectly into the tapestry of my family. The ripple effect lasts forever. The bleeding never stops.

Today some of the families of teenagers who passed away at eNyobeni, a tavern based in East London are burying their children and/or grandchildren. On 26 June 2022 21 teenagers who were under the age of 18 died and no official causes of death have been publicly released.

Sad thing is that some of the deceased' parents didn't know their kids were not sleeping when the day the tragic incident occurred. This simply implies that parents are not always aware of their children's mischievousness. South African youth like alcohol so much and sometimes the love of alcohol lands them in serious trouble or cause their families grief. If the 21 deceased teenagers didn't sneak out of their parents' homes at night they would probably be alive today.

This is why as a child you have to respect your parents, obey their house rules and take heed to what they always tell you. The rules they set for us may sound harsh, but sometimes their rules prevent lots of bad things from happening to us.

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