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Letting your kids swear could be a GOOD thing?

I know it seems like something straight out of a bad movie where the children are overly rude and swear at everyone including their parents. But perhaps we have been lead astray when it comes to what is and isn't appropriate when raising children.

Swearing and swear words have been villinized by everyone. I can't speak for everyone but once I became an adults (and before then) I did and still do indulge in swearing whenever appropriate. It is something that was kept so forbidden and it only made me more curious about it.

This is what happens with all children. Once something becomes forbidden, they immediately want to take part or know more about it. Maybe if you reconsidered how you address this with your children it would make a big difference even in your relationship with them.

According to Dr. Sternberg, a Communications, Media Studies, Education and Social Justice lecturer, at the Queensland University of Technology, mainstream media has already exposed children to profanity. He says, " media allows us to swear without really swearing."

Children these days are always on social media, interacting with adults or with people who use swear words. You might as well introduce the idea of swearing before strangers do it and incorrectly.

Dr. Sternberg also makes it clear that swearing is a choice. He clarifies that, "Language is about giving people the opportunity to express themselves".

But would this work in an African home? For this, I will be giving anecdotal account that's personal to myself. Growing up in an all woman household there were strict rules about language and I would get punished for even uttering a simple swear word.

But as time went on, my mother allowed some leniency when it came to that. It changed the dynamic of our relationship changed greatly. It moved from being so guarded, to me being able to express myself freely to her and vice versa.

Maybe swearing isn't for everyone but teaching children what they mean might before you chide them might be a good idea.

What do you think? Would you ever let your children swear?

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