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"Our Boyfriends Should Learn One Or Two From SK Khoza " - Winnie

Sk Khoza is not afraid of anything and one thing that people should learn from him is that we only live once, do what you want to do because life is too short, but you should always ask yourself, at what cost?

When We woke up today in the early hours of the morning a video of Sk Khoza doing the things that shouldn't be done publicly surfaced on our screens and he has been the topic of the town ever since.

What most people are against is that he might be tarnishing is image and the brand SK Khoza, while everyone was in awe that probably this was a public stunt, he confirmed that he is on the only fans app, the video is not as bad as people thought, turns out the guy is enjoying his life at the moment and what.

A sad times we're living in, imagine a whole father doing such publicly and how the kids gonna take this especially with this rate of bullying in schools

Gents whatever we do, let's think about our kids we're their role models and our maturity must match with the actions.

But Those very same kids needs to be fed, I understand what you are saying but unfortunately at this point, he really needs to do what he needs to do to get paper and if he wants only fans then the ball is in his court.

I won’t judge SK Khoza , maintaining this celebrity lifestyle is very hard, y’all see us driving big Picantos and you think we have loads of money kanti you don’t know what we do in private to maintain this lifestyle. ..

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