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Pregnancy period

Do you have a low sperm count? This might be the cause

Pregnancy can be a wonderful experience shared between people in a relationship who wish to have a child together. This can interrupted if one or both of you have trouble conceiving. The probability of a man having a low sperm count are quite high and it is important to learn more about this condition to avoid it.

Here is what you need to know if you're struggling with conceiving.

Low sperm count, also known medically as oligozoospermia, means you have a lower quality sperm and/or have trouble impregnating women.

There is no fixed cause for this condition and it could be a variety of different things including but not limited to; hormonal imbalance, genetic problems, sperm tubes being damaged, STD's, excessive drug use, restrictive underwear and overheating of testicles.

In most cases this can easily be resolved by trying again or using Invitro Fertilization(IVF) method. In exteme cases you may need a sperm donor instead.

The only way to rule out a low sperm count is to have yours tested especially if you are trying to conceive with your partner.

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