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Pregnancy period

18 pictures showing how women faces changes during pregnancy

When you're pregnant, your body goes through a lot of changes. Physical changes that a pregnant woman might expect over the three trimesters include an expanding tummy, swelling hands and feet, and enlarged breasts that are getting ready for breastfeeding. Hormone production increases, causing changes throughout the body, including the face. As you advance through the various stages of pregnancy, you should expect some changes to your face.

Nose Swelling

During pregnancy, increased blood circulation in your mucous membranes might cause your nose to expand. Because of the increased estrogen production, your nose will appear larger and broader. This can produce a significant alteration in your appearance.

Patches of Brown (Melasma)

It's possible that you'll get brown patches all over your face. Melasma is a hormone-induced hyperpigmentation disorder that appears as patches on the forehead, cheeks, or chin.

Eyes that are puffy

You may be getting enough sleep and rest, yet your eyes may still have enormous bags underneath them, giving you the appearance of being sleep deprived. Of course, towards the end of the third trimester, you'll be looking t

Swelling of the Face

Swelling of the hand and feet is quite normal during pregnancy. However, your face will get rounder and chubbier as well. Remember that this plumpness is temporary and will fade away post-delivery. If your face swells in a way that is painful and abnormal, it could be a sign of preeclampsia, and you must consult the doctor immediately.

Loss of Eyelash and Eyebrow Hair

You may least expect this, but you can experience loss of eyelash hair and thinning of eyebrows during pregnancy. This is common when your diet does not include adequate protein and vitamin content, and if you have a malfunctioning thyroid.

Redness of the Skin

Having too much weight on your body can raise your blood pressure, which can alter your skin tone. Throughout your pregnancy, your facial skin will appear reddish.

Capillaries that have burst

Hormonal changes may also develop reddish spider veins on your face, particularly on your forehead and cheeks. One of the most common facial changes during early pregnancy is broken capillaries, which is medically known as broken capillaries. This disorder is caused by the weakening of blood vessels caused by altering hormones in your body.


Your face breaking out during early pregnancy is not uncommon. Those pesky hormones could increase oil production, building up sebum levels and clogging the pores of the skin. So, it is not unusual to find yourself facing that puberty acne phase all over again.

Moles and freckles

Increased amounts of progesterone and estrogen may induce melanin cells in your skin to develop more pigment, similar to the brown patches caused by pigmentation. This may make your freckles and moles on your face appear darker.


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Nose Swelling


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