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'This Is The Lollipop That Is Trending For Poisoning 46 School Children

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This video has been circulating on all our platforms including WhatsApp groups for the last few days and a voice note attached with the video, warning people to be very careful of this one lollipop.

This happened in Kwamaphumulo area outside of Stanger where children started exhibiting some out of ordinary symptoms after allegedly ingesting a sweet, and now the school is very concerned about their health to such an extent where they are now warning everyone to be weary of this particular lollipop.

A video has since went viral showing the schoolchildren basically crying out about the symptoms which they were experiencing, some of them were holding onto their tummies others onto their heads and it wasn’t clear what was going on.

So it is unclear at the moment but it looks like those sour lollipops that the kids were not supposed to take because you could see that the kids were put inside one classroom, and they were all crying all who had purchased the lollipop during break time and the things did not go well for them.

However reports of any casualties have not been reported, we are hearing reports however there is no confirmation that indeed in fact this is particularly lollipop dangerous to such an extent where it takes the lives of the people.

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