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Common causes of infertility in women

We know that most women out there in marriages and outside marriages they are struggling to have kids. This is a topic most people do not want to engage in but today i will talk about it.

There are plenty of reasons that may lead to infertility where some women cannot have or rather make babies, that they are not aware of. This reasons or perhaps causes are related to everything thing going on in a woman's body.

Firstly we it might be that a woman's fallopian tube has been damaged or blocked due to the inflammation of the tubes that was caused by some of the STIs. This means that during ovulation days, the eggs will be released but they won't be able to pass through the fallopian tube and the male sperm will not be able to penetrate the tubes too. This means that there won't be any interaction between the egg and the sperm.

Age is also a contributing factor. According to science studies it is said that women during their mid 30s going to 40 and above their fertility rapidly drops as they are approaching the menopause stage. Furthermore it is due to the degrading quality and quatity of their eggs. So it is advisable to start making kids in your late 20s.

Health problem is also another important factor to look at. Ladies that are overweight have difficulties in making babies or rather say they are exposed to infertility and so are women that are underweight and taking strenuous exercise. This things may lead to hormonal disorders that affect ovulation. Meaning they may lead to ovulation disorder. Drinking excessive alcohol and smoking increase the likelihood of infertility.

Some other reasons are womb infections, cancer and treatment since chemotherapy and radiation affects hormones and the functionality of the womb of a woman.

My advice is that ladies should frequently visit a nearby clinic or doctor to do some check ups and know how their things are. Read books and articles about this infertility situation to reduce the chances of finding themselves in this kind of situation.

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