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The relationship between parents and kids is imperative

Bonding with your children is that much imperative,because it brings peace in the family. Always make sure you in a good relationship with your kids. Below is tips that can help to bond with your kids.

1Go fishing together it is so important to do something that your child likes the most. Going fishing together don't be a hero there give him chance to do things at his own. Let the place be funny , so that the child will feel free .

2Read a good book together read together the book that your child like the most,and him chances to explain what the book is saying. Ask if he found himself in the condition, what can he do . If he is wrong correct him . Tell him if is you in such situation in the wht were you going to do.

3Teach him or her something funny you can teach her to bake dont be too professional allow her to play her role. No matter what you baking is not good just enjoy and have funny. Make her feel free to ask to talk to you.

4Take a long walk together just have funny work together dont mentioned training let it be just funny work and enjoy the view of the area you traveling. Don forget to stop at the place where they like the most. If they like dogs you can take dogs with you to the long walk trip.

5Have a schedule where each parents will participate, all the parents must take part in raising the kids. On all activities you do let's the two of you take part so that children will like all of you. Let's each parent have his or her own time to be with children.

6slumber party you can invite them for party in the house watching one of their favorite movies, dont forget to make some popcorn while watching movies. Let the party be funny and lot of laughter.

7 out yourself as a former goofy kids sometimes tell them your story while at their age , how things where then. Tell them funny story about yourself while growing.

8Road trip just start a journey were your kids like the destination the most on the way dont forget to stop for lunch, along site of the road. Stop enjoy food plus the view of the area you are traveling. Let them be in charge stop where they say stop if safe to do so. This crate the friendship between you and your children.

in conclusion good relationships between you and your children is so important, you can see if something is not good to your children. You can also learn what does your children want and what they don't want. Communication is very important between parents and children.


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