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People are angry at a lady who carried her child with a hand bag while trying to accommodate alcohol

Some of our sisters become mothers at a stage whereby they are not ready for the responsibilities that go hand in hand with being a parent. Giving birth makes them feel like they are being deprived of things that they are yet to do as teenagers, but what they are failing to understand is that it is always the choices we make that leave us with no choice.

Today, social media had to react to a young lady who was celebrating her birthday, just a few weeks after giving birth to her baby. This lady might have been short of someone who would look after the baby while she was out celebrating her beautiful day, which is why she took the baby with her. As she could not afford to accommodate a stock of alcohol that she had with her, she chose to put the baby inside her hand bag and maybe use the other hand for the stack of alcohol.

People are angry at this lady for two things. One of them is putting the child inside the bag. They believe that a child does not deserve such treatment. Even though he or she is not able to express his or her feelings, they do deserve to be treated with respect. Another reason why they are angry at this lady is the fact that she expresses herself as a heavy drinker while mothering a toddler.

A guy named Sifiso says there is nothing that you can say to a young woman who does something like this because she will tell you about her rights. She will tell you that she has a right to drink and the baby belongs to her, so it does not concern you.

While others are asking about the whereabouts of a child's father, there is a lady who testified that what we saw on that picture is one of the reasons why she does not drink alcohol. She says she does not want her children to experience negligence and discomfort due to her alcohol priorities.


I think the lady on a picture is irresponsible and she had a bad influence while growing up. It shows that she was not ready to be a mother and she was not well advised about how a parent should handle herself.

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