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Orientation Reveal Goes Wrong When Grandpa Takes An Exploding Pitch To The Face

Discuss a foul ball.

A baseball-themed orientation uncover party in California went misguided on Saturday when mother's throw cruised past father who didn't swing ― and hit the granddad to-be squarely in the face, where it emitted in a haze of blue smoke.

"We needed to do something somewhat exceptional to tell everybody simultaneously," eager mother Brittany McCauley told People. "We didn't have the foggiest idea about the orientation ourselves, so it was an unexpected treat for everybody." It was unique okay: Father to-be Max McCauley should raise a ruckus around town, which would eject in a haze of blue or pink to "uncover" the orientation of the child.

Rather than detonating immediately, like an Aaron Judge moonshot would, it exploded on Scott McCauley's face like a detonating stogie in an old anime. He appears to be OK and dandy, if a little down about the experience: Brittany wrote on Instagram, "Greatest fall flat." "However, we're expecting a BOY!" Hopefully, this child is more dexterous than his parents. Here's a look at uncover one last time, very close and difficult.

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