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Pretoria Olievenhautbosch woman break down after her 16 years old child Abused her

Children of rights have lost all the respect for their parents .you can not raise a child who rise against you as a parent with many rights vested in them without any responsibility.

Parents are finding it difficult to raise their children in South African communities because of their disrespectful and disgrace manner.

In Olievenhautbosch A mother was harshly assulted and beaten up by her own child when she insisted her not to go out with friends the mother complained to social media calling for help " my child doesn't listen and when never I try to discipline her she physically abuses me" she said 

Just after the call for help one woman reported 

"These kids under 16 were having Shisha and smocking weed right in public between Ext 15 and ABSA. They told me that they were boys friends and girlfriends. Now we wonder were teenage pregnancy is coming from and where drugs are finding market. Let us first take hold of our "families futures" as Desmond Dube would say before we think of changing the community. The community starts within the family not outside".

Now it is no longer 90s children has turned against their parents and assumed the mighty role of rights against their parents, a child discipline by parents can end up in court and the parent can get arrested.

The same way in school children are no longer taught discipline because at their homes the feared, so do teachers live in fear too, they cannot handle what the parent had failed to teach.

That's one of the reason why teachers are being bullied in school because children no longer see the different between them and elders.

South African children have so much rights to the extent that they use this right as weapons against others and the law stand to protect this nonsense.

Pretoria Olievenhautbosch children are unruly and spend time in public park is sad that children from 15 years old smoke illegal substance.


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