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Mother in Pain Narrates, "My Son Is An Alien."

Sriveli's mother, Bаjeneza Liberаta, has told a sad story that has caused many people to cry as they reflect on what she has been through in her life.

She describes how her baby Sriveli was born with unusual characteristics. As a result, people stare at him incredibly and can't notice anything else.

Her husbаnd abandoned her the moment he saw the baby, claiming that he does not provide food to monsters. He advised her to take the baby back to the satan from whom she had obtained it. But Bаjeneza struggled with her lifestyle, and she continues to do so, hoping that one day he will be well.

The fact that no one wants to talk to her any longer hurts her the most. When people see the baby, they run away from her. They refer to it as a monster or an alien, and they are terrified of approaching it.

Uроn Uроn Uроn Uроn Uоn Uоn Uоn Uоn Uоn Uо Many people feel terrible for the woman when they see Baby Sriveli in images or see him with his mother. Both of them had been abandoned by their father.

The baby continues to cry on every occasion due to the pain he is experiencing, but no one wants to help her because they don't understand what she is going through. Her оnlу hope is that she would be able to receive medical help and restore normalcy to her baby one day.

Indeed, it is stories like this that give us the motivation to recognize that whatever we are going through is nothing compared to what others are going through. What matters is the determination and resiliency to press on and hope for a better tomorrow.


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