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Good news for 350 Sassa SRD Grand beneficiaries

while Sassa didn't have refreshed data on their pay. 

Sandy Godlwana SASSA's representative said they suspended 165 297 awards broadly and 74 871 in KwaZulu-Natal (KZN) in accordance with the guidelines. 

Sandy Godlwana said most of the awards suspended were for representatives who show up in the public authority representatives/laborers installment framework Personal like assistants, EPWP, Amakhosi, Izinduna, and general specialists, and Persol (military). 

For impacted recipients to keep getting awards, in accordance with guidelines, SASSA has considered it significant that this large number of recipients ought to be surveyed as far as capability measures. These evaluations would be directed at neighborhood SASSA workplaces. 

In certain cases, a clinical assessment will likewise be required. Award installments are made distinctly to those residents who meet the passing models. We are currently reexamining the singular conditions of community workers whose SASSA social awards were suspended. 

SASSA National Spokesperson Paseka Letsatsi said it had since come to SASSAs consideration that large numbers of those whose awards were suspended were understudies, EPWP laborers, and general specialists, whose pay would not reject them from getting the award. 

The SASSA SRD Grant is expected to give alleviation to poor people and monetarily bothered residents in the country. 

Around 40 000 community workers applied for the R350 help award in May last year, and 241 of the local officials got the award. 

Yoliswa Makhasi Public Service and Administration chief general has asked community workers to abstain from deceitful endeavors to profit from the SASSA R350 Covid-19 Social Relief of Distress (SRD) award. 

Makhasi denounced local officials who saw nothing bad about applying for the award, while they have a type of revenue. 


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