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OPINION | Trevoh And Jodilee Have Been Treated Differently Despite Having Foreign Fathers

The Death of Jodilee has raised a great deal of conversation via web-based media and has made two nations Zimbabwe and South Africa go into a twar. It miserable to see that South Africans were cheering at the demise of Jodilee Matongo simply because they considered him to be an outsider and called him names. 

Its so peculiar that South Africans allude to Jodilee as a Zimbabwean and would not be driven by him however its definately not suprising coming from South Africans .They are known to be xenophobic and they disdain their African siblings. 

A conversation was begun on whats the distinction among Jodilee and Trevoh Noah that makes Trevoh to be known as a south african and Jodilee to be called Zimbabwean outsider .Both have South African moms and unfamiliar Fathers .Trevoh Noah father was from Switzerland and Jodilee father is from Zimbabwe.Both were brought into the world in South Africa.

South Africans are so pleased with Trevoh Noah and are praising him enthusiastically guaranteeing concerning how glad they are of him yet its a very surprising situation with regards to Jodilee Matongo .He is named as an outsider and considered names all since his dad is Zimbabwean.They have never considered Trevoh Noah an outsider however he additionally has an unfamiliar dad . 

The main distinction that makes Trevoh to be known as a South African and Jodilee a Foreigner is that Trevoh has a white dad and Jodilee has a dark dad .Black South Africans are xenophobic point blank.They disdain Jodilee on the grounds that his dad is Zimbabwean.They dont have the boldness to consider Trevoh an outsider since he has a white dad .Black South Africans love white individuals ,they think they are better that is the reason they even terrified than reclaim their territory from them . 

This xenophobic nature of loathing one of your own should stop .You cannot abhor what you are .Reffering to somebody who is a lawful South African as an outsider since his dad is a Zimbabwean isn't alright .If Jodilee was a white individual none of these remarks would have come out .Thats demonstrates what expansionism meant for individuals of color.

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