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Illuminati is real. Are you ready to worship the beast (666) and suffer till you die? (OPINION)

The term Illuminati belongs to two different groups: the original Illuminati, formed more than two centuries ago as a secret society aimed at undermining corrupt governments and the religious intolerance that dominated society at the time. Today, it is linked to the idea of a New World Order, an alleged underground totalitarian global government that controls the entire universe.

When it comes to shadowy cabals that supposedly control the world, the Illuminati should be at the top. Illuminati members don't trust anyone over 30, because they are too set in their ways. Their rituals are harder to confirm, but we know that members of this secret society are very paranoid and they use spy-like protocol to keep one another's identities secret.

The window of opportunity to establish the New World Order won’t be open long- and it’s critical that the Illuminati moves with deadly precision, lest the public catch on too soon. There is no room for mistakes in the game of global domination. After all, the fate of the entire world is the prize.

“The Unholy Trinity” of monsters:

One is a dragon, Satan, who stands on the seashore summoning another “beast rising out of the sea.” The one Satan summons behaves as a demonic ruler, but takes his orders from the evil one. The third member of this group “claims to speak for God” but is a false prophet. He “represents religious authority contrary to God’s Word and ways.” He returns to life after a death blow, mimicking Christ’s resurrection and lending credibility to his lies. Much of the world will worship this “miraculous” beast who “enforces the power of the first [beast] through economic discrimination.”

the mark of the beast (666) is most likely not a physical or visible mark and the Antichrist is the perfectly evil human being because he is completely opposite to the perfectly good human being, Jesus Christ. Open your eyes, do not be fooled people of God.

The way to defeat evil is to trust that God doesn't defeat evil through violently taking life, but by restoring life. The devil doesn’t possess the power to confront or even conquer God.

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