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A guy becomes a laughing stock after showing off what he did to his car, See Pictures.

We all want to be unique as individuals, but what exactly makes everyone a truly unique person, well some people feel exclusive from others when they have customized materials, The exclusiveness of the customized pieces makes people feel unique and appreciated even more than expensive gifts.  ​

​People who do customization are talented hence not everyone can do it because it allows them to think outside the box, they always have to come out with outstanding ideas to impress people or their clients. Not to forget that they have the power to produce ​products that enable you to express your true, unique self.

Now I understand why people love the customized products because they are not just getting what everyone else is getting. Instead, they're getting something tailored to them. And because of that, it makes them feel more in control.

Just like this from Seshogo he deals with customizing cars, he turned his care into a nice living room, from the pictures you see there's a mounted TV along with plugs, speakers that are also used as chairs and a stand were he placed his beverages, and its decorated nice and clean and lovely matching colours.

A very kind guy take it to Twitter to advertise for him, he shared pictures of the final product and he captioned the post "There's a man in Seshego who customizes cars. He calls himself (Mzansi Show Stopper izinja) on Facebook. Check out his work out you'll be stunned."

The tweet reached out to many of his followers, to my surprise people seem not to like what they see, and they quickly jump into the comment section and they replied. @Evidence_Shon_ "Hhayi sorry angeke"

@SompiloM "This is terrible work. The colour of the car to the upholstery." what do you guys think about this car's transformation? leave your comment in the comment section, please like, share with friends, and don't forget to hit the follower button.


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