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Checkout these Interesting Facts about men.

One of the two human species on the planet, men are one of the two. Their masculinity and bold appearance are often used to describe them. Apart from the biblical reality that men were created before women, here are some other realities to be aware of. 

A year of a man's life is spent looking at a woman. 

A male spends roughly 43 minutes staring at 10 different women on an average day. Women, on the other hand, spend about 20 minutes every day staring at guys. Employees at Kodak Lens Vision Centers conducted a thorough investigation that resulted in this statistic. The study had a total of 3,000 participants. 

Men deceive their partners twice as often as women. 

Men lie to their partners, bosses, and coworkers at least six times every day on average. Women, on the other hand, only tell their friends and family three times a day at most. According to a survey conducted by 20th Fox Home Entertainment before to the premiere of the "TV show Lie to Me," this is the case. 

A man's life is dictated by his IQ. 

According to a study conducted by specialists at the Karolinska Institute, a man's IQ determines his life path. Men who abuse alcohol were the subject of the study. Finally, the study's findings revealed that men with lower IQs drink more, whilst men with higher IQs drank less. 

The older a man becomes, the more likely he is to choose loose attire. 

The clothes we wear frequently have an impact on how we feel. This also applies to how others perceive us in our environment. This is one of the many reasons why men feel more at ease in a suit when attending a business meeting. Men's tastes in clothing evolve as they grow older. A young man may want to dress in tight, uncomfortable clothes, but an elderly man may prefer to dress in comfortable rather than trendy apparel. 

When on a date, men eat twice as much. 

This is an odd fact that many people would not expect to see on this list. Men, on the other hand, prefer to eat more on dates with women in order to impress their dates. 

Friendships between men are formed around shared interests. 

Men establish friends based on common interests, while women form friends based on emotions and support, according to a study conducted by Ronald E Riggio on friendship between men and women. 

Compliments from other males are preferred by most men. 

Guys prefer compliments from other men than compliments from women, regardless of their sexual orientation. Robert Herbert of Binghamton University was the one who established this truth. 

Men keep their thumbs on their belts when attempting to catch a girl's attention. 

Placing one's thumb on one's belt is a sign of strength and bravery for most guys. This is an involuntary position that stems back to a time when belts were not used. In the days before the belt, men would make crotch gestures to attract a woman's attention. 

Men also have the following characteristics: 

• Instead of squatting, they squat to pick up an item.

• Healthy-weight women are often preferred by men.

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